after van gogh

after van gogh
ink on post-it note
4" x 3"

Van Gogh drawings
Arranged on post-it
Notes are as easy as
Grappling with moral
Obscurities or
Giving more than
Half your liver away

In a Word: titubation
In a Book: The Lost Books of the Odyssey - Zachary Mason
In a Song: Dry - William Elliot Whitmore


stone dust

stone dust
stone dust, charcoal and tea on laid paper
5" x 5"

the smell of stone
dusty, mineral, cool,
pungent, powdery bone
sits in my nose

an earthen concoction
one turgid explosion


chinese flower tea

chinese flower tea
ink, watercolor and coffee on cardboard
7" x 4"

the smell of grounds for a mistake
pungent chicory and cedar flake
sweet to the touch, sweet on the lip
poison gets you down the line at stake

hide in a mountain, or her hip
there is no way in to give the slip
bracketed hunger and desire
writing out punctuated flesh scrip

green leaves floating inside your tea
the fates have paced your grassy lea
clouding your vision with salt-fire
a honey-fly stinging like a bee

no water-world can quench the pyre
carnal thoughts quiver, shake and perspire
passing moments like tadpoles teem
beautific, haloed, stagnant and dire

you are caught in a rushing stream,
sapped of strength, you give in to ache.

In a Word: daddock
In a Book: Dark Matter- Philip Kerr
In a Song: Like it or Not- Architecture in Helsinki



charcoal on toned paper

how the corpse is dressed,
in taffeta or cold lace,
in silk, cotton or gauze,
says little about life
but, shown in light, blue-tinged, under porcelain sheen,
it falls into the place where driftwood is removed from beach by sea
where longing and regret cast sharp shadows
where lonliness is a wailing sound rippling a pond
where loss derives from being
here it resides by you, alone and full
in your book of remembrance

In a Word- obumbrate
In a Song- Beat the Devil's Tattoo Black Rebel Motorcycle Club