pouring christs from tea

pouring christs from tea
tea stains on paper
4" x 6"

Sometimes he walks half-erect
Hunkered over and worn
Moist bones broke for the marrow
His mouth a drunken incision
Dropping ashes, bitter and torn
He pours christs from his tea
Staining both paper and cloth
Before jumping from his light switch
To bed and dreams shadowed dark
With the bleating of sheep
And syncopated chords of Joy Division

In a Word:jacitation
In a Book: Strange Pilgrims- Gabriel Garcia Marquez
In a Song: Doodlin' - Horace Silver and the Jazz Mesengers


blood is thicker

blood is thicker
ink on primed canvas paper
2" x 6"

blood is thicker
but wine is fine
for drowning

In a Word: maieutic
In a Book: Anathem- Neal Stephenson
In a Song: Blood - The Middle East


hung up

hung up
ink on paper
5" x 2"

Somewhere here,
Scattered on the floor,
Are the remnants of childhood.

Somewhere there,
Bathed in amber light,
Our memory’s heart strings strumming

Somewhere here,
Laid bare to the bone,
Unopened letters once stood.

Somewhere there,
You await responses
That are no longer forthcoming.

Somewhere here,
On weary calf bone,
I always stand,
Less than anything you’ve ever known,
Like paper found in overcoats
Your grandfather used to own.

Lost and forgotten dreams,
Wracked in soaking moans,
You’ve already dreamt them,
And carried them home,
Somewhere there.

In a Word: velleity
In a Book: Anansi Boys - Neil Gaiman
In a Song: Svefn-g-englar - Sigur ros