Revisiting an old flame

I revisited an old love of mine this weekend and without realizing it rekindled a flame from what I thought was only smoldering ash. I partook of the beautiful weather here on Sunday by setting up my easel and exhuming my oil paints from a decade’s long slumber.

The last time I had set eyes on my arsenal of petroleum based medium was almost ten years ago. Our long standing affair had just dissolved in repeated bouts of coughing up blood and the other hallmarks of intense exposure to turpentine fumes (apparently my studio at school was not ventilated enough for the amount of fumes that semester). So, with no better space to paint and a doctor’s suggestion I take 10-12 months away from my love, I bid adieu for what I thought would be a short hiatus in which I could explore different media.

As often happens with extended absences, someone changes and you drift apart. I went on to pursue other interests not directly related to painting living in spaces not conducive to working at the large scale I was used to and allow my relationship to wither on the vine. Or, so I thought. Yesterday, with space to paint, ventilation to spare, and a new passion for small scale work, I rediscovered my oils. And as in all requited love, it has flared up with a passion. I have spent the time since yesterday constantly thinking about painting again. Reminiscing about the good times; thinking about new projects; reveling in the feel, smell, and joy I rediscovered yesterday afternoon. And, unless I once again come to resemble a brush toting Doc Holliday, I aim to keep this relationship alive.

Eric in a Word: tenebrific
Book of the Day: A World Lit Only by Fire - William Manchester
Song of the Day: Careful what you wish for - Raine Maida
Religious Figure of the Day: Ĺšakra
Sketch medium: graphite on bristol board


elokiden said...

For your rekindled love...

Eric Giles said...

Thanks again, elokiden. Another good song.