Where is my head?

I have let this blog run fallow for almost two weeks now in the hopes that my brain would once again jump into life. That has failed to happen. I have spent the last few weeks mostly muddled and rampantly busy when not sitting jury duty, yet not a twitch of that mental acuity and spark that usually runs like a demented hamster on a wheel in my brain. It is disconcerting to say the least. I am used to fending off thoughts and observations, often four at a time, in order to focus on what I am working on. Now I am grasping in pea soup fog to function. I have struggled to even do my daily sketches, much less undertake more ambitious projects, or even crack my sketchbook otherwise. I am trying to approach this slow-down as a natural rest period brought on by February weather and the stress of life, but I am beginning to worry as I sit here staring blankly. Perhaps when the panic comes it will bring friends and I can get back to work.

Eric in a Word: kedge
Book of the Day: The Great Influenza - John M. Barry
Song of the Day: Wish I was in Heaven Sitting Down - R.L. Burnside
Religious Figure of the Day: Ereshkigal
Sketch medium: graphite on paper


Rebecca said...

I am here and I more than understand what you are going through. Don't panic. It's funny how these periods, while oppressing in the moment, fade over time. You never really remember its weight, only the joy of its release.
Perhaps I am talking to myself here...

elokiden said...

Eric Giles said...

Thanks to both of you for your support, both musical and literary, during this stuporous episode.