An Indeterminate Hiatus

Oil paint on Panel
(approx. 54”x 36”)

Oil paint on Panel
(approx. 54”x 36”)
I have been unable to update this blog consistently over the last few months as I have been refocusing my energies away from sketches towards the development of more long-term projects (see most recent paintings above ) and frankly displaying multitudinous sketches of the same thing feels boring to me. So, until such time as I resume daily sketching activities that fit this blog I am suspending it. See you all whenever.

Eric in a Word: Whisternefet
Book of the Day: A Feast for Crows- George R.R. Martin
Song of the Day: Rugla -Amiina
Religious Figure of the Day: Susanoh

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The Jilly said...

I find it kind of sad that I have been unable to read your blog for many many months due to a plethora of inexcusable reasons and when I finally have a moment to catch up, you have ceased postings. Oh well, good luck on those long-term endeavors.