a selection of short verse and such...

Another's resemblance to ourselves
graphite & ink on laid envelope

Spoonfuls of saccharin dreams
Create pulsing headaches
And bile.


The poet says lilacs are aromatic bushes of love. Bullshit.


I don’t see you as my lover
But sometimes find you as more than contrite
At inappropriate times
Fix me a cheese sandwich.


Peanuts, lightly salted
Now with fifty percent less sodium
Than a weathered crab man.


I can make snakes out of clay
But not apologies out of mistakes
So, let me roll out this lump for you
Nice and long
A work of years if not minutes.

In a Word: ultroneous
In a Book: Little Black Book of Stories- A.S. Byatt
In a Song: i against i- Bad Brains

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Kirk said...

You call that /
poetry? This /
is poetry /