The Deep End

I am not feeling very loquacious today, but I have spent a lot of internal time mulling over the importance our society places on appearances often to the detriment of actuality. We always strive to maintain that public mask of financial wealth, physical health & beauty, and high libidity, especially when we feel these is not the case. Often when the maintenance of this social mask becomes impossible we are driven to extreme acts which we would never consider otherwise: acts to distract, acts to desperately maintain, acts to end the pain of maintaining. The thing about obsessing over the appearance of things is we rarely have time to enjoy what actually is, in fact often we are so caught up in the web of what we wish it was, think it should be, or think we deserve that we no longer have a clue as to how things actually are. I am not immune to this constant push and pull, but I have grown increasingly tired of missing my life for the illusion of a life dictated by what others think and feel is important. It is the difference between swimming in the shallow end of my neighbor’s pool instead of the deep end of my own ocean.

Eric in a Word: grok

Book of the Day: Nonzero- Robert Wright

Song of the Day: Skellig- Loreena McKennitt

Sketch Medium: graphite on paper (actual size 5.6" x 4.9")

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