Letter of Transishun...


The Weather has grown Colder, yet the sun is high tho the shortness of days. I will inform you with Pleasure that I am Well at the Present & I hope that When this Reaches you that it may find you Well I Rec'd your letter of Feb. the 8th on the 2nd day of this month & I Have Delayed Answering it untill Which I Hope you will Excuse me for & I will Promise to do better in the future. I was verry glad to Hear from you & that you was Well.. We are Generaly Well I Believe at the Present I will Inform you that I leave on the 15th ofDec. & we Have Bin on the Boat Ever since. We was 6 days comeing miles through the a busy timefull ofTransishun, one of the Crookedest & narrest Channels that a Steam Boat Ever went Before But we Have got through with about most all together. We Have Some Work with us & we are now Penetrating into the verry Heart of it Since we Started we Have taken over one Hundred thousand Dollars worth of what Steps that we needed We Have See no Armed Rebels yet But we are Exspecting to be Fired at Every day By Media I know not where we are going for certain But think that we will Fight our way thru I Exspect that we will Have our Next fight after 15. Below the mouth of the River I Exspect Ere this Reaches you to be in a fight--But that you know is what we all come to nonprofits for We Have got to fight Before we Can come Home

We can not Exspect to help with out Fighting & I am in favor of Doing the Fighting as soon as Possible & then those of us that are Spared can Return to there Honnest Friends. Will is getting Pretty Stout again But I am told that comeing with this new Expedition might sadden me but concluded to stay though I Exspect that Period of Saddness to pass as Time.
If you see my Friends Please tell them where I am & that I know not How soon that I will see them Agin. I may not untill I see the End of our Transishun though tell them I will If Necessary at any time tell them that I await new Contact infomation. I Believe that I have written all of any Importance at the Present--I can't say how Soon they will Know

Please write Soon My love & Respects to all & Reserve a share for your self Please Excuse my Bad writting for I have little time.

Direct as before Verry Respectfully yours in Friend Ship love & truth

Eric in a Word: Humicubation

Book of the Day: The Body in the Text- Anne Cranny-Francis

Song of the Day: The Wind - Cat Stevens

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