A Vacation for a Day

I have been flexing my intellect a bit on this blog lately, but today I have no more intelligence to give. Instead, I shall let my images speak for themselves and finish packing up my desk here at the Roundtable as I prepare for my new job next week.

Eric in a Word: umquhile

Book of the Day:Being and Time - Martin Heidegger

Song of the Day:Pali Gap- Jimi Hendrix

Sketch medium: top- graphite on paper (actual size 6"x3")/ bottom- office pen, green, yellow, & pink highlighter (actual size 1" x 0.6")


Ben said...

These sketches suck! That's not a real word! What's going on here!
(sorry, but you said you wanted me to insult you).

Eric Giles said...

You sir must have left all your good material in last semester. If I were you I would have gone with "you no good hack. what did you draw these with a peg leg? I have eaten squids with more artistic talent than you."

Vincent said... know I love you like a brother for all of the times you drove me and Kenny around while we were snot nosed punks...(ok sowe still are)....

But why the giant phallic symbol???

Ken said...

If i wanted to see crap on a stick, I would've found my way here earlier.

Eric Giles said...

Now those, my friends are insults, although the midget needs to work on his a bit.