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***The written portion of today’s Daily Sketch has been removed due to the use of unwarranted expletives, grandiloquent hyperbole, and occasional incidents of verbal nudity. Eric would like to apologize for any unforeseen consequences related to the reading of the latest entry before its removal. He would like to issue a special apology to the following:

Mrs. J. Whittley of Montalba, Texas- I am sorry that your young daughter was driven to enter a nunnery at the tender age of 9 after reading the blog upon a whim.

US Border Patrol and Customs agents- I know your job is to monitor the influx of legal and illegal customs and people. The chaos resulting from the spontaneous exodus of legal US citizens and products to Canada and points south must have made your job more difficult than usual.

James Franco- What I said was just uncalled for and I apologize, although I still think you should work on the kinetic aspects of your acting, amongst other things.

The Citrus Industry- I know there have been no direct ties to yakuza crime syndicates proven as of yet and to imply anything, at this point, was irresponsible. All I ask is that you leave my family alone; the responsibility for what I said is mine.

And finally, the victims of the feminicidios of Cuidad Jaurez- The blog entry and I have nothing to do with this, but think it is a tragedy that the killers of almost 400 women have yet to be brought to justice. It is equally wrong that Cuidad Jaurez is consistently ranked as one of the best cities to do business in Latin America despite the drug cartels and feminicidios – unless of course the rankings are for drug cartels and homicidal maniacs.

Eric in a Word: empasm
Book of the Day: The House of the Dead - Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Song of the Day: They Dance Alone- Sting w/ Peter Gabriel
God of the Day: Yen-Lo-Wang
Sketch Medium: felt tip pen and green tea on bristol board.

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