RIP - Mr. Wyeth

I don’t feel like writing much today. One of the few people I have ever idolized died today. Although Andrew Wyeth never received the critical praise, I think his work was once called colored drawings and a bunch of Styrofoam and saccharin, his work has always struck a chord with me. His drawing and tempera skills have always astounded me. He was truly a master, if one unrecognized by the “experts”. I met Mr. Wyeth twice in my teenage years, once at a Wawa (he was buying candy corn) and then again through an arranged meeting at the Brandywine River Museum- where he gave me some invaluable tips on composition and drawing in the few minutes we interacted. As silly as it may sound, they were both formative meetings in my own progress as an artist. I will miss him and the excitement that accompanied the viewing of any of his new work.

1917 - 2009

Eric in a Word: callipygian
Book of the Day: The Art of Responsive Drawing- Nathan Goldstein
Song of the Day: Catfish on the Bayou - Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown
God of the Day: Aguara
Sketch Medium: graphite on bristol board

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