Why post with no comments?

I don’t have much to write today, I am exhausted and worn. I will, however, like to address a question asked of me previously: How do you continue posting when no one comments on your blog?

This is a pretty simple answer for me. I don’t maintain this blog for anyone but myself. I invite others to share it, comment on it, enjoy it, make fun of it, or whatever. But, this blog is more a record for me both tracking and keeping me in line with my daily meditations. It is merely the public part of a process designed to strengthen my own art work and my comfort level in sharing myself with others.

Opening a dialogue with others or establishing an e-reputation, things I think most bloggers are attempting, are merely by-products when or if they occur. Now don’t get me wrong, I love comments. There is a sort of validation there. But, I will continue with the blog until it is no longer useful regardless.

Eric in a Word: scheissenbedauern

Book of the Day: Citizen Soldiers- Stephen Ambrose

Song of the Day: Warm Beer, Cold Women - Tom Waits

Religious Figure of the Day: Pazuzu

Sketch medium: graphite on business card (2" x 3.5"), re-colored via Photoshop.


Ken said...

I really think you should do an interpretation of the ballplayer one day. And i have plenty of comments, but most don't pertain to this. I could just put down my random comments.

Eric Giles said...

I have not mastered multi-dimensional drawing yet, the quantum intricacies have me confounded. Once I've figured out how to do it without irreparably tearing space-time you'll see my version the ballplayer.

Jess said...

Well said! :o) My blog too serves me for more personal reasons, as it's an outlet for my random thoughts. Comments are always appreciated, but not necessary!